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Acquire of bluesign Certification from bluesign technologies ag


Obtain patent for manufacturing of fabric (Reg.#10-1593888)
Obtain patent for tape manufacturing system with adhesive automatic feeding devices (Reg.#10-1660714)


Selected as a Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial government.
Selected as a “Ruling company of Growth technique development business” from SMBA.
Obtain patent for slitting & winding device for adhesive tapes(Reg.#10-1289953)
Obtain patent for functional tape & it’s manufacturing method(Reg.#10-1273673)
Registration of HiMEL brand in China(Reg.#10621745)
Obtain patent for functional tape & it’s manufacturing method(Reg.#10-1328894)


Selected as a “Promising Firm” by Kook Min Bank.
Installment of HiMEL R&D Center(Reg.#2012112817)


Selected as a”Promising Export Firm”by Gyonggi-do Province.
Win award for”ExcellentVenture Enterprise”by a Director of SMBA.
Selected as a “Promising Firm” by Gwangju city.
Acquire of EN-471 Certification for Reflective fabric from TUV Rheinland.
Acquire of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification from TESTEX, Switzerland


Selected as a”Clean Factory”.
Selected as a “Green-Tech Manufacturer”.
  Acquire of INNOBIZ Certification.


Obtain patent for cutting edge automated coating system (Reg. #10-0918477)
Registered as a “Specialized company of Parts & Material” by government.
Acquire of ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.
Registered as a “Venture Enterprise” by government.


With the cooperation of Kido Industrial, developed new tapes which are good for humidity.
Developed TPU Sheet which is good for elasticity and durability.


Installment of HiMEL Technical Service Center.
Start to supply HiMEL tapes to Korean Army & Government. 
Completion of the Gwangju factory in Gyeonggi-do. 
Registration of HiMEL brand. (Reg.#40-0588996)


Establishment of HiMEL
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